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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Krispy Kreme, Or What the Kids Should Be Listening To

Following up his super smash hit, "The Baddest", boy wunderkind rapper Krispy Kreme has unleashed his new fire, "Haters Wanna Be Me," and it's pretty much all of the glorious things you want in a mid-day music video with pretty good camera work. So yeah, watch this video, lest you want your work day to suck and you like to see kittens getting eaten by great white sharks and anacondas.

Don't worry though, Krispy Kreme's kilt all those animals. Other highlights include:

-Lack of snot from last video. Because Jesus Flu-Gettin Christ that was bad.
-Still spelling his name just like the donut. Where's the originality, Kreme? My suggestion? Kris P. Kreem. It's spelled wrong, it's shallow funny, and kids will like it.
-How many other rappers you know are dressed like they are about to do farm work in Iowa AND have a thick bowl cut?
-That kreepy kid (see? hilarious!) is still wearing that Mac Miller tee. Either poor or insecure about his hood street cred. Probably a bit of both.
-I'm pretty sure several of those trophies weren't grand prize material, but more along the lines of participation and 3rd runner up. I should know, I worked in a trophy shop for, like, two hours.
-I don't know what he thinks a club banger is, but it surely does not involve him passive aggressively asking two sects of the audience to say his name while he makes confused faces.
-If you don't think "talk crap and I'll throw AIDS at your car" is the best line on 2012, well, we can't be friends and I'm going to throw AIDS at and in your car.

I really hope there's more and more of this coming from this kid. This gives me hope to write and discuss the world again.

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Trehern said...

It's for his haters AND his fans? Helluva guy!