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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Soldier Murders Taliban, Uses Randy Orton Defense

All kidding aside, I find this to be one of the more controversial stories coming from our Armed Forces in a while.

I definitely think you should take the two minutes and read Dan Elliott's account of Pfc. David Lawrence, who will be sentenced for murdering an Afghan Taliban prisoner. Lawrence was on guard duty at the time, and the report says the prisoner was asleep, but the real curve ball comes when you consider that Lawrence has a Golden Corral array of genetic and present mental health issues, including PTSD, schizophrenia, and "hearing voices."
I'm no expert on mental health, the army, or guns in the hands of unstable persons, but the question begs--just why in the hell was Lawrence still active? His lawyer talks about how Lawrence was enduring longer shifts and not being supervised at certain points. Combine that with two of his buddies recently being killed in action and now those militant blowhards want to ring this guy up for premeditated murder, which without the plea deal, calls for minimum life up to execution.

I normally don't write about these serious, hard hitting issues, partly due to the fact that they are always slippery slopes for other broad, room dividing discussions, like whether or not we should still be over in Afghanistan. But with the endless number of soldiers at the Army's disposal these days, how could they just let this twenty-year-old kid continue in a war zone like that? Ship him home, discharge him, and get him the help that he clearly needs.

The prosecution are obviously being dicks at this point, throwing the "voices" card out there. He had allegedly told his loved ones about hearing sounds only in his own mind, but hadn't told anyone in his unit until after the shooting. I guess that's it--the dude is lying. Making the whole thing up.

Or....or...it's just kind of hard to admit something that people dismiss as bat shit insane. You know how embarrassing that must be to tell your friends and fellow comrades that Uncle Ben up there is telling you to kill, kill, kill the olive colored people?

Man, this story has gotten me all riled up. I feel for Lawrence, his family, and am definitely pulling for him to avoid any prison time for a mistake that's clearly on his employer. To lighten the mood, here are pictures of my beloved Sgt. Bilko laying down the law, a corgi being raised by a dachshund, and Playing Field favorite Kate Upton, in no particular order.

For more information on David Lawrence, his story, and ways to help out, visit the site set up to shed light on this unfortunate ordeal.

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