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Monday, May 16, 2011

Listening...Trik Turner - Friends & Family

Ahhh, Trik Turner, one of my favorite high school era one hit wonders. But what a hit that was, and if you missed the music video (all three or however many alternates there were) than you really couldn't grasp the scope of what a few guys probably poured their heart into, manufacturing a gold mine of tame, MTV success, and in turn, (spoiler alert!), supporting their families!

I'm all for storytelling in music videos, and even if the setting didn't always match up with the lyrics, the effort was still there and Trik Turner dealt with the times and played the hip hop white boy card to the fullest. You probably want to talk crap about the music, but this was what people listened to a decade ago.

Seriously, though, watch to the end--it makes for decent cinematography and begs for an ending where the boyfriend gets pummeled by dueling purses. And is it just me or did they look like they were about to make out at the end?! Damn, I hate cliff hangers.

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