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Sunday, February 21, 2010

CBS Pun War 2010

The Esteemed Judges

Rules and Number System
Ratings range from 1 to 5, or bad to good.
?????: 5 Stars = a NPH
????: 4 Stars = a
Horatio Cane
???: 3 Stars = a
Gary Sinese
??: 2 Stars =
Raj Koothrappali

?: 1 Star = an
Angus T. Jones

"Power of the Pun": How funny or awesome is the pun itself?

"The Flare of the Photoshop": Does the creator deliver on the Photoshop effects?

"Superb Originality": How original did the creator get?

Visitors (non-judges) my leave their comments in the comments section.
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Billy Bush, reporting said...

Who says these foes don't ever bring out the claws? As the CBS Pun War heats up, sides from each faction are firing heavy, heavy artillery from across the bow. These were recent tweets from both Pearson and Trehern:

@benpears - alan isnt even in my league. he should go back to the pbs pun war where he belongs

@alantrehern - benny p is the uwe boll of this rivalry. give him the standing eight and pack his bitch ass home!

This could get ugly, my friends. Just sayin'. Back to you, Mary.

Mario Lopez, on the scene said...

Well, well, happy MANIC Monday to you all. We have an exclusive in the Pun War...judge Matthew Tremors Brummitt was seen late last night entering this Subway. You can see Brummitt partially obscured in the white shirt with his personal assistant, Troy Patton, to his left.

Riveting stuff.

Folks, the tweet war raged on last night as Trehern dropped this stunning bomb.

@alantrehern - pearson's dad may have invented the internet, but i invented the asswhooping.

This is of course referring to Ben Pearson being the illegitimate son of embodied do-gooder Al Gore.

Jackie Chan said...

I've been following these for a while now and I think they put the Kung Pao in chicken!

d.de said...


Alan Trehern said...

Fix those links, breh!

Ben Pearson said...

How's the deliberation coming, fellas? The people want their winner!

Panther Joe said...

All right, all the links should be up and running (sorry for the delay).
Sadly, though, Matthew T. Brummitt will not be judging this event.

Alan Trehern said...

@Ben Pearson: This judging is just a formality to cover the fact that I won this thing months ago.

@Panther Joe: I knew Brummitt wouldn't do this thing. He's got about as little motivation as Ben did when he came up with "The Amazing Mace".

@Alan Trehern: You'da best, dawg.

Ben Pearson said...

Hey, I dropped "The Amazing Mace," asshole.

Alan Trehern said...

@Ben Pearson: Rabble, rabble, rabble...You dropped that Amazing Mace, but I picked it up, raising my defense level +9 to a Grundeling Feudal Lord. Now I'm using my Golden Fleece upgrade to lower your attack power -12, making you verily incapable to do battle.

Good morrow!

Harvey Levin, creeping in the shadows said...

The CBS Pun War is just getting ugly. The Hatfields and McCoys...the Red Sox and Yankees...this is what it's all about. The explicit words and slurs are going off like shotguns as judges continue to deliberate. You guys got those recent tweets from the desk? Okay.

@pruane2forever - what's up bitches? trehern is the man because he's like james cameron, but ben p pwns like michael bay. theyre both pretty good and get 5 out of 5 stars!

@AVGNjames - the big big show? STEEDIUM? a never released "AMAZING MACE?" What the f*** is that shit? it's puke coming out of a buffalo's d***. i mean, what were they thinking?!?

@elizabethtaylor - oh my, i haven't had gentleman quarrel like this since i saw bela lugosi, dwight eisenhower and errol flynn fight...over me. lolz

@stevenAsmith - you guys seen these shows? they need to get ben p tested for pro tools or something. APPARENTLY he says he doesn't use PEP's.

Zach said...

I'm torn. On one hand, Tyler uses WWE Superstar "The Big Show" and manages to sneak in his ridiculous theme song. On the other hand, "How I Met Your Mothra" might be the best all-around. Just happy I'm not a judge

Jay said...

While Tyler had two stellar puns in "The Bryce is Right" and "The Gang Bange Theory", Ben was more all around solid. "Criminal Blinds" was great, as was "The Rentalist." But what puts Mr. Pearson over the top was my favorite "Accidentally on Porpoise."

Ben whens 40 stars to 37 stars.

Alan Trehern said...

I have to adamantly stand by "The Bryce is Right" and "The Gang Bang Theory". But Jay, it sounds like Ben is paying you off in What-a-Burger coupons or something, so I award 4 extra points for kicking you and Ben's ass, free of charge!

Trehern wins 41 to 40.