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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wimbledon Heating Up

I mean that in the way it's the simmer to any contact sport's boil. And we're talking the women's draw, obviously.

In a potential story that everyone is slobbing their knob about, both Williams' sisters advanced to the semifinals yesterday, and because all top four seeds (the only ones that matter apparently) were eliminated, it would be a burning damned shame if Venus and Serena didn't meet in the finals on Saturday so father Richard could look just as bored, twice as much...in a single match.

Chew on that, bandidos. Anyways, what about the fifth seeded, three-time Team Dimepiece® first teamer Elena Dementieva? And how Chinese wild card Jie Zheng just won't stop beating attractive volleyers, finishing off underrated dime Nicole Vaidisova in three sets.

Nicole Vaidisova after failing at something against Zheng on Tuesday. Actually, I just typed "invisible turkey slap" into Google and that was the top hit.

I was just kind of confused as to why this is the excitement Wimbledon has needed, when all that's happened is two top ten players, who just happen to be sisters, are both one win away from facing each other in the finals.

Semis are Thursday, with Serena-hulk squaring off against Zheng and the always flaccid Dementieva going against Venus.

On the men's side, they still hit it way to fucking hard, Lleyton Hewitt and Andy Roddick are eliminated and the Federer/Nadal train keeps bulldozing the tennis landscape. Snore.

Thinking about it, that wasn't the most attractive pick of the Czech star. Sorry, I hope these one makes up for it.

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