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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Well, Piss the Shit! Look at That!

Brett Myers, pitcher of unfathomable ERA and untimely sucktitude, was demoted by the Phillies to Triple-A Lehigh Valley today. Apparently some pitchers can actually refuse a demotion proposal, and Myers was one of them with that ability but accepted it anyway in hopes of working out his deliveries.

Myers has been just downright awful this season. Well, awful on the road anyway. Away from Citizens Bank Park, the Jacksonville native is 0-6 with an 8.18 ERA in nine starts. At home though, Myers was striking out over a batter per inning and holding opposing teams to just a .214 average. So, I guess the team had seen enough of him pitching well at home and throwing horrendous garbage on the road and confronted the former ace of the staff.

This is a pretty sad thing for Phillies fans, who have seen their team struggle with pitching all season long. And yes, Myers was the ace of the Phillies a season and a half ago, so this is pretty big news. I just hope this works out for the best because the way things are looking, the Phillies are limping into summer with the Marlins ready to pass them in the NL East. Myers seems like a pretty decent guy and I respect him because he's a Jacksonville guy and thought he could land a jab to his girlfriend's cheek in public and actually believe he'd get away with it. Remember that?! He's like the Plies of National League pitching. Oh, and stuff like this is golden.

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