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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Polls and Sick Kids and the Like

Sportscenter, what happened to you man? You used to be cool...we used to be cool. Why would I wake up an hour earlier than I had to back in primary school? So my eyes could make sweet, sweet Chef-style love to you. You, Sportscenter.

Now I'm thinking you should be DHing for the Oakland A's these days.

ESPN I suppose is still condoning this nonsense, which doesn't surprise me because of their insistance on not pulling the plug on the ESPYs. C'mon, bra! Award shows are pretty dry to begin with, but at least they make some kind of sense when pertaining to movies and some aspects of music and theatre.

But for Herman Edwards sake, "that's why you play the game*!" They are competing--against each other-- in leisure-time activities for championships and rings and titles and Cups, but that wasn't enough proof to show who is superior?

"But Joey Joe, it's intersport comparison...yar yar, for the fans, blark blark." Yeah, thanks douchebag. Like it means anything how writers would compare a golfer and a college basketball player.

That really brings me to my point about Sportscenter and there vitally vapid polls. I will admit, the late Sportscenter has been getting better, but just because of the dialogue between the two anchors. What they are left to work with is atrocious.

Tonight's poll: Most memorable moment in the first half of 2008 and the five choices were the Superbowl, Celtics winning, Kansas downing Memphis, Brett Favre retiring, and Tiger Woods winning the US Open.

What the shit?! Really, ESPN? Right off the bat you have to eliminate surprises so the Celtics and Tiger Woods are not viable options. Both were favored to win their respective championships, and Tiger tromps suckers in majors and playoff holes, where he is something like 11-1 all-time in playoffs. The C's had home-court advantage and "revived" some rivalry that hadn't been relevant in two decades.

I love Brett Favre and all, but retiring is a decision and process. You don't actually watch it, well, unless he was actually on the crapper or something the very moment he decided to hang it up...and someone was filming.

So that leaves the Superbowl between the Giants and Patriots and the KU-Memphis college basketball final. Both were great games. Lots of excitement, intrigue, lead changes and storylines. But...

The Superbowl is watched every year by roughly hundreds of billions of people each year and hello?...the Patriots were considered the greatest team of all time, cheating aside. 16-0 was the cool phrase to use last winter and it played well until the very last drop of last year's game, arguably the best Superbowl in a decade.

ESPN, why couldn't you reason all that in the span of maybe thirty seconds and save us all the grief? Anything else could have been more relevant and more of a substitute than your calender-aided empty questions.

And then you interject us with terminally ill children for an entire week?

Man I can only hope that they bring back Stump the Schwab. That was the tits, sirs.

*Interesting footnote about that imfamous clip...I'm not sure if Edwards and Allen Iverson have ever met, but what I am damn skippy sure of is that they would be on the same page about practice and game-time expectations.

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