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Friday, July 11, 2008

Plaschke v. Junior

Who ya got?! Bill Plaschke writes a column about the Dodgers failure to be anything like the cross-town Angels, while impressively using minimal relevant baseball information in his argument. When Plaschke derives a stat to try and prove the Angel's collective amount of grit is the reason they kick so much ass, Junior of FJM promptly swoops down and pants the columnist.

Plaschke: Then there's the statistic that shows a team's ability to win close games while manufacturing runs. The Dodgers are 1-31 when they score two runs or fewer, while the Angels are 8-13.

Junior's response: This is not "the" statistic that shows a team's ability to win close games. It's not even "a" statistic that shows that. This is nonsense. The Angels are 8-13 when scoring two or fewer runs. You know what that is? That's insanely lucky. Probably unsustainably lucky. Of the 2212 teams that have played full or partial seasons since 1901, six have had better winning percentages than the 2008 Angels when scoring two or fewer runs.The Angels are going to start losing a few more of these games.In 2007, the Toronto Blue Jays led the league in the vaunted "Record When Scoring Two Runs or Fewer" category, going 15-32. They won 83 games. The Colorado Rockies, who won 90 games and went to the World Series, went 3-36 in such games, which sounds pretty fucking awful until you realize what the fuck you're even talking about. You know what all of this means? Absolutely fucking nothing. It's a junk stat, or at the very least, something with so much noise in it that it's really, really hard to be drawing conclusions about cultures or atmospheres or belief systems.

Burn of the year candidate right there.


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