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Thursday, July 24, 2008


In case you were wondering about the lack of posts, I'm holding out from talking sports until something happens with Brett Favre. This saga has become frustrating and ridiculous in that it's given the Packers and Favre both black eyes.
Well, I guess that's what happens in a fight now that I think about what I just typed. But seriously Green Bay, trade the guy. You put your foot down, now make a move, get out of the limelight and prepare for an awesome season.

In addition to this nonsense, I am in the process of moving...again. Y'know, it's like Mike Piazza as a Marlin--some things just don't last very long. Really, I could go either way on this one. My current place and potential place both need some work and both have distinct advantages. But for pictures sake, here's a Baseball Tonight-style breakdown of current roommate versus future roommate.
Current roommate...no actual picture available but could pass for Stan and loves him some World of Warcraft like I've never seen. Sometimes reminds me of Mel Gibson from Conspiracy Theory who eats a shit ton of Subway.

Future roomy...travels a ton and is very conducive to awesomeness in that she is friendly, inciteful and very much like Tim "The Toolman" Taylor in that she builds shit. But, it's different because she's a chick.

Any suggestions are appreciated, kids.


Boze said...

That sounds like a winning move, joe. But you should really make sure you get a subletter before you agree to paying two rents. That could be disasterous

Peter Griffin said...

"My son...would like to plow you."

lil nigga said...

imma beat dat

peter griffin again said...

"Kiss her? I'm gonna DESTROY her..."

Clubber Lang said...

Joe - we need you back, man. Get the Playing Field kickstarted again.