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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Greg Maddux = Thief

Last night in the Padres game against the Braves, Greg Maddux decided he would get smart and steal a base. Easy out? Apparently not, as he moved his stolen base total up to 11 for his career.


More impressively, Maddux stole the base in the 3rd, down a run with two outs. With all the tweaks and pulls in sports these days, the last thing I would want my pitcher doing was attempting a steal. I can't delve into the situation any more than the numbers, but maybe San Diego figured, "old guy...bad team...nothing to lose?"

If you are counting at home, Maddux is now 11 out of 14 in stolen base attempts, with six of the swipes coming since 2004. Not surprisingly correlated to how successful the Braves were, Atlanta only had Maddux attempt a steal four times during his tenure there.

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